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GIC/ GCC Office

19/F, COFCO Tower, 262 Gloucester Road
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong SAR (China)

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Event Details
Event Details

The Sustainability Management Training Series is a step-by-step training program featuring modules on fundamental sustainability principles, risk and compliance management, sustainable supply chain and strategic sustainability communication.

This training series is broken down into 4 individual modules, from 09/05/2024 to 19/06/2024, in 4 half-days. Each module lasts for half a day from 0900-1230.

The Series is aimed at equipping supply chain professionals, sustainability managers and procurement managers with the essential information to successfully start their sustainability journey, identify and mitigate sustainability risks, ensure regulatory compliance and demonstrate their organisation's commitment to ethical conduct and responsible business practices.

Date and Time

Module 1 05/09/2024 0900-1230 - Core Principles of Sustainability

Module 2 10/09/2024 0900-1230 - Materiality & Risk Management in Sustainability

Module 3 10/10/2024 0900-1230 - Enhancing Sustainable Supply Chains

Module 4 17/10/2024 0900-1230 - Strategic Sustainability Communication

Ideal for: Supply Chain / Sustainability / Procurement Manager

About this Module: Enhancing Sustainable Supply Chains

Sustainability in supply chain management has become an important part of supply chain design. Improving environmental, social, and governance performance throughout supply chains ensures that companies will guarantee the long-term viability of their business and secure their social license to operate. At the same time, enhancing sustainable supply chains ensures regulatory compliance with sustainability laws and regulations and international principles for sustainable business conduct.

In Part 1 of Module 3 of the Sustainability Management Training Series, we will look more closely at sustainable supply chain design in light of global sustainability regulations that are creating the need for changes and rethinking international supply chains, supplier engagement, and collaboration. We will explore ISO 26000:2010 Guidance on Social Responsibility as a voluntary standard aiming at implementing social responsibility principles into business operations and ISO 20400:2017 as a guideline for integrating sustainability within procurement.

In Part 2 of Module 3, we will focus on Greenhouse Gas (GHG) across the supply chain. With more and more commitment and regulatory pressure on reducing GHG emissions globally, national regulators and investors are pushing businesses to disclose their Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. The focus will be on Scope 3 emissions resulting out of the supply chain, as more than 70% of CO2e emissions originate from the upstream supply chain.

Topics (Part 1):

  • Impacting supply chains: current global sustainability regulations
  • Identifying your strategic suppliers: supply chain mapping and supply chain prioritisation
  • Creating a supplier engagement plan: Collaboration to reduce negative impact and sharing opportunities

Topics (Part 2):

  • The importance of measuring GHG emissions throughout the supply chain
  • Explaining GHG emissions (CO2 and CO2 equivalents)
  • Introducing GHG Protocol: the standard for GHG accounting and management
  • Measuring and reporting Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions
  • Your carbon footprint: collect data, calculate, verify, and improve
  • Karl Borgschulze (Founder and Managing Director of Consulting Service International Ltd.)

    Karl Borgschulze

    Founder and Managing Director of Consulting Service International Ltd.

  • Jürgen Schüssler (Sustainability Consultant at Consulting Service International Ltd.)

    Jürgen Schüssler

    Sustainability Consultant at Consulting Service International Ltd.


Module 3 only (Member Ticket)

HKD 1,750

Module 3 only (Non-Member Ticket)

HKD 1,850

Module 3-4 (Member Ticket)

HKD 3,300

Module 3-4 (Non-Member Ticket)

HKD 3,500

** Please note that we will provide your registration details to our partners Fraunhofer IPT & INC Innovation Center for administrative purposes.

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Organising Partners