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Event Details

Train with German Standard

Skilled trainers create competent and confident employees. Investing in training the trainer is investing in the success of your organisation. Empower your trainers and unlock the full potential of your team by enrolling in the AdA (Ausbildung der Ausbilder, German for Train the Trainer) programme. This investment in training your trainers is a strategic step towards ensuring the success of your organisation.

This training is particularly beneficial for Dual Professional System training companies, ensuring they maintain the highest standards in vocational education. In Germany, all companies training young professionals are required to have AdA certification. To help companies in Hong Kong comply with these German standards, we are excited to finally offer this training and certification locally.

Our AdA course is designed specifically for busy professionals in Hong Kong, combining the convenience of online learning with the impact of in-person workshops. Start with online sessions every Thursday in August, enhanced by self-study units and supported by our state-of-the-art Learning Management Platform. Continue in September with small group in-depth face-to-face lessons.

Why Train Your Trainer?

  • A well-trained trainer can effectively transfer knowledge and skills to numerous individuals, amplifying the impact of your programmes across the entire organisation.
  • Properly trained trainers ensure that all employees receive consistent, high-quality instruction, leading to a more cohesive and competent workforce.
  • Skilled trainers know how to engage and motivate learners, making the training process more enjoyable and effective.
  • Training the trainer promotes a culture of continuous learning and improvement, as trainers are equipped with the latest teaching techniques and industry knowledge.
  • Confidence in teaching comes from thorough preparation and training. The ADA programme equips trainers with the tools they need to deliver training with confidence and competence.

Why AdA:

  • AdA International Full Version is tailored to meet the needs of training companies operating globally
  • For Dual Professional Training Companies: Guarantees adherence to German legal standards in professional education, enhancing your company's reputation and operational excellence.
  • Receive a globally recognised certification by GIC and DIHK, empowering you to grow and excel in your training career.

Course Style

Hybrid Format: 5 days online and 5 days on-site at GermanHub in Causeway Bay.

  • Online Phase: Every Thursday in August, 3 hours each, supplemented by self-study units through our Learning Management Platform. Access all course materials at your own pace.
  • On-site Phase: Five full days in September in Hong Kong. Participate in small group interactive seminars with case studies, group discussions, and project work, aimed at immediate practical application.
  • Examination: The course concludes with a 160-minute written exam featuring case-related questions and multiple-choice formats, followed by a 30-minute practical exam to demonstrate real-world skills.



By enrolling in the AdA programme, you are paving the way for your organisation's future success. Empower your trainers today and unlock the full potential of your team.


Online Sessions:

  • Every Thursday in August, 2pm - 5pm

On-Site Full Day Workshops:

  • 19th September 2024
  • 20th September 2024
  • 25th September 2024
  • 26th September 2024
  • 27th September 2024


  • Written Exam: 3rd October 2024 (exact time tbc)
  • Oral Exam: 4th October 2024 (exact time tbc)

Disclaimer on Date Changes

Please note that the dates specified are subject to change for various reasons. We are committed to keeping you informed and will provide notice of any changes as early as possible to ensure minimal disruption.

  • Daniel Büttner (COLCONS Corporate Learning Consultants)

    Daniel Büttner

    COLCONS Corporate Learning Consultants


General Ticket

HKD 25,000

* Please note that in order to register you into the programme, we will need to provide your registration details to our training partner for administrative purposes.

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Organising Partners
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