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Candidates from Hong Kong and China
Business Development Director, Sales Director
  • Experienced sales director with a proven track record of revenue growth, team leadership, and client relationship management.
  • Over 12 years in sales leadership roles, exceeding targets, and fostering high-performing teams.
  • Skilled in strategic planning, market analysis, and negotiation.
  • Seeking a new challenge to leverage expertise in driving growth, forging partnerships, and achieving results in a dynamic environment.
  • Passionate about inspiring teams, expectations, and delivering exceptional value to clients.
  • Ready to bring innovation, dedication, and a collaborative spirit to a new opportunity.
Engineering, Industrial Manufacturing

German (native)
English (fluent)
Mandarin (advanced)

Engineer After-Sales, Teacher
  • Provided global technical support in the automotive industry within a major international corporate group.
  • Skilled in managing claims and communicating with stakeholders across different time zones, including markets, workshops, insurances, lawyers, and clients.
  • Collaborated effectively with cross-functional teams and departments to deliver high-quality projects and meet strict deadlines.
  • Proficient in technical research, analysis, statements, and risk evaluation.
  • Recognized as exceptional team player with strong communication skills, and the ability to identify specialized skill requirements and implement innovative solutions.
  • Qualified teacher with a state examination in chemistry, metal technology, and German as a foreign language.
  • Committed to improving secondary level education and supporting students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Proactive in seeking external training and mentoring for career development.
  • Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stuttgart University, with a semester abroad at Udayana University in Indonesia.
Automotive, Open to all

German (native)
English (fluent)
Spanish (basic)
French (basic)
Indonesian (basic)

Senior Manager
  • Native German with an international outlook, showcasing cultural adaptability gained from working in various countries and living in Hong Kong.
  • Holds an MBA and a BA in International Management, fostering a strong educational foundation.
  • Over 5 years of expertise in HR, recruitment, and consultancy.
  • More than 5 years of proven success in business development and account management.
  • Experienced in leading international teams for over 3 years.
  • Successfully managed projects for over 3 years.
  • Contributed over 2 years in a Start-Up environment to learning and development initiatives, enhancing organizational growth.
  • Managed C-Level stakeholders in large corporates in Finance, Banking, Insurance, Strategy & IT Consulting sectors.
  • Leader and team player with strong communication skills dedicated to promoting collaboration, motivating team members, and accomplishing shared objectives.
Open to all

German (native)
Russian (native)
English (fluent)
Spanish (basic)

Master in International Relations Student
  • Dedicated Political Science Graduate student at HKU with a cumulative GPA of 3.8, demonstrating academic excellence and a strong foundation in political science.
  • Sponsored by a scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service, highlighting recognition for academic achievements and potential for future success.
  • Experienced as a two-time student panellist, showcasing skills in public speaking, critical thinking, and the ability to engage in academic discussions.
  • Proficient in tutoring, project management, and taking leadership roles, showcasing versatility and a proactive approach to academic and extracurricular activities.
  • Passionate about political social engagement and international cooperation, reflecting a deep interest in global affairs and a commitment to making a positive impact in society.
International Cooperation

German (native)
English (near native)
Mandarin (intermediate)
French (basic)

Supply Chain Specialist
  • Supply chain professional with a strong background in project management and a specialization in data analytics and visualization, specifically in the logistics sector of chemical manufacturers.
  • Demonstrated expertise in supply chain optimization, process improvement, and cost reduction strategies.
  • Worked for a global 4PL in Belgium for the past 5.5 years, leading a team of logistics analysts and successfully managing logistics operations for multiple clients.
  • Proficient in utilizing data analysis tools and techniques to identify trends, patterns, and opportunities for operational efficiency and optimization.
  • Proven track record of delivering results, improving supply chain performance, and driving cost savings.
  • Committed to staying up-to-date with industry trends and advancements in data analytics and logistics technologies.
  • HK Dependent Visa Holder
Supply Chain

German (native)
English (fluent)
Spanish (fluent)
French (basic)

Operational Excellence Lead
  • Swiss national with 10 years of experience leading and working on Operational Excellence projects across APAC
  • Successfully implemented new organizational roll out of global strategy post M&A activities which led to new industry focus and key account management structure
  • Experienced in organizing new central functions; Key Driver for new central excellence function, established PMO function from scratch, consolidated data and analyzed requirements for new central commercial function
  • Proficient in streamlining strategic objectives and for successfully leading trainings across all functions
  • In addition to Operational Excellence projects, I also led Transition onboarding/ offboarding handover projects across APAC (13 countries)
  • HKPR Holder
Facility Management/ Open to new industry

German (native)
English (fluent)
French (Basic)

Marketing Communications Professional
  • Native English speaker with M.A in Communication Management and B.Sc (Hons) joint in Business Administration & Management and Psychology 
  • Experienced professional in corporate communication, event management, stakeholder and membership engagement, media management, conference/delegation organisation, project management, partnership and sponsorship relations and trade publishing & fairs.
  • Demonstrated ability to handle various responsibilities independently and as part of a team.
  • Detail-oriented, problem solver, and organiser. 
  • Proficient in collaborating with colleagues and stakeholders at all levels.
  • +20 years of experience in Communication, Trade publishing and Trade promotion.
  • Well-versed in the German and local business landscape.
  • HK Permanent Resident.
Current: Business Services
Future: open to all

English (native)
Cantonese (basic)

Candidates from Overseas
Sales Associate B2B
  • Currently serving as the direct assistant to a key account manager, responsible for daily sales operations.
  • Demonstrated expertise in sales, after-sales, and claims handling with several years of experience.
  • Worked in diverse organizations, ranging from start-ups to large corporations, both nationally and internationally.
  • Proficient in SAP-ERP and Microsoft Office suite, enabling efficient data management and analysis.
  • Thrived in an agile sales environment, catering to major retailers in the country.
  • Skilled in effective communication with stakeholders and clients, fostering strong relationships.
  • Motivated to drive business sales, ensure customer success, and continuously improve workflows.
  • Committed to constant learning and embracing new opportunities for career growth.
Retail Vendor / Open to all Industries

German (native)
English (fluent)
French (basic)

Germany-Hong Kong Business Development: Project Manager
  • Pursuing a Master's degree in East Asian Studies with a Bachelor's in Economics and Politics of East Asia.
  • Resided in Chengdu for one year under a scholarship program, gaining valuable cultural insights.
  • Ambition lies in working in Hong Kong to enhance professional expertise and contribute to global business networks.
  • Focus on fostering business relations between German enterprises and Hong Kong, leveraging academic background and cultural understanding.
  • Hong Kong's role as a major economic hub offers a unique platform to bridge East and West, facilitating trade and investment.
  • Committed to contributing to the growth and synergy of global business networks by leveraging Hong Kong's dynamic environment.
  • Dedicated to enriching professional expertise and capitalizing on the pivotal role of Hong Kong in the global economy.
Open to all

German (native)
Kurdish (native)
English (fluent)
Chinse (good)
Turkish (good)

Business Analyst and Project Manager
  • Dedicated and results-driven Business Analyst and Project manager
  • 5 years relevant working experience in a broad range of industries (Health and public sector, construction, infrastructure, energy, finance)
  • HK Permanent Resident
  • Certifications in PSM I and CARS
  • Lead large-scale projects, responsible for budget, deadlines, and quality targets
  • Master’s degree in industrial engineering and management @Technical University of Berlin - Germany
  • Interpersonal and intercultural expertise
  • Presentation and communication skills, able to work both in a team and independently
  • Analytical, organizational, and problem-solving skill paired with business acumen
  • Motivated, curious fast-learner, willing to acquire new skillset
Currently: Health and public sector
uture: Open for all

German (native)
English (advanced)
Cantonese (intermediate)
Chinese (basic)
Spanish (intermediate)
French (basic)

Engineering Manager and Data Lead
  • Engineering Manager with a rich background in Business Intelligence, Analytics, Data, Software Engineering, and a keen interest in AI and ML technologies
  • Deeply passionate about leveraging data technologies to drive business transformation and digitalisation
  • Engineering lead, I lead Data Analysts, Analytics Engineers, Data Engineers, and specialists in AI and ML
  • Hands on experience as Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Business Intelligence Architect
  • Able to implement End to End solutions for ML, AI, Analytics on the Cloud with GCP and AWS
  • Programming language fluency in Python - worked in a few projects with JAVA and C#
  • Agnostic knowledge to the tools - they evolve too fast - fast learner
Currently working with Fintech, would like to work in any Industry that uses Data heavily to drive business

German (fluent)
English (fluent)
Spanish (fluent)

Bachelor's in Retail & Supply Chain Management
  • Completed a 6-month internship in Business Project Management during studies, gaining practical experience in managing projects and coordinating teams.
  • Worked as a Process Management working student for 6 months, developing skills in analysing and improving operational processes.
  • Possesses 2 years of professional experience as a specialist in warehouse logistics, demonstrating expertise in inventory management and optimizing supply chain operations.
  • Successfully completed a 3-year apprenticeship in warehouse logistics specialist, acquiring a solid foundation in various technical areas.
  • A junior professional with a strong desire to contribute to a team with enthusiasm, dedication, and a strong work ethic.
  • Chinese heritage with a keen interest in relearning the language, offering cultural diversity and potential for cross-cultural communication.
Supply Chain and Logistics Information Technology Manufacturing and Production Retail and E-commerce Consulting and Project Management, Account Manager for German

German (native)
English (fluent)

Sustainability and Project Management Professional
  • 15+ years of international experience in sustainability, project management and communications
  • 10 of years managerial and team lead responsibilities for Asia Pacific and Southeast Asia while being based in China, Singapore and the Philippines
  • Cambridge Alumni in Business Sustainability Management and Sustainable Marketing
  • Current responsibilities and expertise include circular economy and sustainability reporting
  • Proven expertise to drive strategies, implement initiatives and improve processes
  • Led and developed international and cross-cultural teams of up to 20 members both onsite and remote
  • Strong inter-cultural awareness and skills
  • Thorough attention to detail while keeping big pictures in mind
  • Relocation to HK within one month
Current industry: circular economy / Future: open to all

German (mother tongue)
English (native level)
Chinese (basic spoken)
French (basic)

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